Thing #23

This maybe the last “Thing” in 23 Things but it is only the beginning of my learning experience with new technologies and tools. I plan on going back and spend more time learning about more of the tools that 23 Things has shown me.

This was such a great learning experience for me. I knew about some of the things out there but I never thought I would be using them. I could never see myself with a blog or on Twitter, and now I have both.  The learning experience was so much fun because we all did it together. We helped each other and that made us all a little closer. I think it gave all of us confidence.

One of my favorite things was YouTube. For quite some time I have watched YouTube videos that were on my Facebook and different ones that were emailed to me by friends and family. I never thought in a million years I would make a video, and post it on YouTube. It was so much fun making it with all my co-workers. We laughed so much doing this one, and also learned so much at the same time.

My least favorite was the Twitter. I did open an account but I know I will never post anything on it. I really don’t like to post my thoughts for everyone to see. Even on my Facebook I don’t tell everyone what I am doing or going etc. I may go and see what other people are posting on Twitter, but I will not post on it.

I know I will keep using Facebook, Flickr, the Google reader and YouTube. I hope I continue to keep up with my blog also.

 As far as the lifelong learning goals it has help me with my confidence as a competent effective learner. I would have never attempted to do some of the 23 things on my own but with determination and the help of others I did complete it. Since I have completed it I have more confidence in myself with using new technology.

I really want to go back and play with some other image generators, and I also want to keep up with Google reader especially the craft feeds.

This is how I would describe my experience with 23 Things. A fun experience that at times was hard but it paid off in the end.

I would love to participate in another program. I’m always up for learning new things.

If we do another program I would recommend spending more time on each thing. I know it would have been helpful with some of the harder things. I’m sure there was a time frame that needed to be met, and I know that we couldn’t have stayed on each thing for ever.

I really want to thank Lauren and Amy for doing this. I had a great time and learned so many fun things. Hope you guys can do some like this again. Thanks so much.

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Thing #22

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Well, as you can see I decided to go back and play with #11 Flickr Fun. The first time I did the Trading Card Maker and loved it. I put the trading card of my granddaughter on my Facebook and had so many people comment on it. I am going to go back and make another one for my other granddaughter.
This time I explored Spell with Flickr. It was so much fun. My son and future daughter-in-law purchased a picture of our last name for a Christmas present last year that reminded me of the Spell with Flickr site. The picture has different letters using New Orleans pictures for the letters. So I thought I would give it a try. It is great, and so easy. I am so glad that the Flickr thing was included. I had never really used Flickr before because I only thought you could post your picture there for others to see. I didn’t realize that there were so many fun things to do with Flickr. Thanks Lauren and Amy.
Oh, the link to do the Spell with Flickr is, and I hope everyone finds it as fun as I did.

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Thing #21

Well I finally got my power point presentation posted. It took me so long because I loved looking at all of the beautiful pictures through Compflight. I saved probably 50 picture into my favorites on flickr. I can’t believe how many pictures are out there which are being shared so freely. I love it. When I went to upload my power point presentation on to Slideshare I did loose the type of  font I wanted, and I had to change the size of the font so it could be seen on the Slideshare presentation. Also when I added it to my blog the presentation did not advance from picture to picture automatically like it did in my saved power point presentation and the presentation on Slideshare. I really don’t understand that, but it is posted you just have to click on each picture to see the entire show. The library could definitely use document sharing for advertising events and programs.

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Thing #20

I have never noticed the CC logo on any websites, so I have never wondered what it meant. I am glad I know what it means now, and I will start looking for it.

I do share and use pictures on the internet for personnel use and work
use. I try to only use the website for pictures for flyer. Layla suggested this site and it is pretty good. I have used pictures and written info off of websites especially Google Images for personnel use. I did get a virus on my home computer from clicking on a site to see if they had any pictures to use for an invitation I was making. I learned my lesson, now I don’t click on any site that I haven’t used before. It took me two weeks to get the virus off of my computer.

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Thing #19

After trying and trying to add my iTunes podcast subscriptions to Google Reader, I talked to Lauren and decided to just keep my podcast through iTunes. I have used iTunes for a couple of years now and I subscribe to several podcast. Once you have opened an account with iTunes you just go to their store and click on podcast and click on free subscription. You will get downloads of the podcast.
A lot of musical artist have podcast prior to their album release date. You can hear parts of the songs and see the artis in the studio making the songs. Sometimes the artist even discusses why and how he or she wrote the song. This is a great marketing tool. I love it because I can use it to decide if I want to pay and download songs for my own use or not.

The library could use podcast as marketing tools also. Making podcast announcing upcoming programs and events could be fun to make, and useful in getting people interested in coming to some of our programs.

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Thing #18

This was sooooo much FUN. Lauren and Amy’s video inspired all of us here in the children’s room, so we decided to make our own video. Julia and I just kind of threw out some ideas, and that’s how this all come about. Brenda and Cheryl agreed to star in the video with us. Thanks to Layla’s great video taping skills we were able to post our video on YouTube. It was really easy to post it on my blog, and we all had a great time.
I think this was my favorite “Thing” so far.
Oh, I also found out that my son has a YouTube account when I signed up for my account.

I think the library could use YouTube to advertise upcoming programs and events.

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Thing #17

I have used for a long time. I just love when someone sends you an email that sounds so believable. Then you check it on and parts of it are only true or it is false. I usually send it back to the person who sent it to me and tell them to check

I did check out one of the 25 Hottest Urban Legends on, and a couple of things did surprise me, about the bedbug one. Didn’t know you could kill them in the dryer if the temperature is hot enough.

I think rumors spread so quickly because people don’t check the facts before sending an email to everyone in their contact list. If you get an email  from someone you trust, you send it on without checking it, and they send it on without checking it and so on and so on. In one day thousands of the same rumor emails are sent just because someone didn’t check the facts.

I have always thought it is important to check on the truth of things I read. I don’t want to read something and send it on to others without it being true.

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